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Vivo Y123 is the latest in a series of phones from the brand of Vivo. It is the perfect companion when you are always on the go. The reason why Vivo Y123 is so popular is that it offers a lot of features that make life easier and more enjoyable. Even if you have no prior experience with digital devices, you will find that the Y123 is easy to use and navigate. All you need to do is follow the simple steps outlined below to buy the best phone. vivo y73

This article will provide you with a quick overview of how to buy the Vivo Y123. The smartphone has been launched on 10th July 2021. The phone comes with an impressive 6.4mm capacitive touchscreen with a resolutions ofetta 1080 x 2400 pixels. It has an elegant design, which matches most of the high-end smartphones available today. The Vivo Y73 comes with a octa-core Helio TK processor, 2.5D curved screen, 7.38mm clear Gorilla Glass display, Corning Sound speaker, and capacitive keypad.

In terms of hardware, the Vivo Y 73 has two different designs, namely, standard and premium packs. Both packs come with similar specifications. The standard pack features an aluminium frame and a power key. The power key can be used for the fast charging, while the dual-view video and super night mode come with the premium package. The premium pack also features a fingerprint sensor, and the camera comes with an eight megapixel camera. The built-in speaker and the data cable are present in the regular body.

The standard package of the Y 73 also comes with software that is preinstalled, namely, Android v4.3 Jellybean, HTC Sense, and a few other software options. On the other hand, the premium package of the Y 73 comes with Android v6.0 Kit Kat, and additional software like Tango, Lucid, Flip, or HTC Sense. With the premium package, you get better software than the standard package, which is why many people consider it superior. The built-in camera setup is also superior compared to the secondary camera.

On the surface, the battery life of the Vivo Y73 can last for up to five hours, which is fantastic. Compared to other smartphone options, it also has a decent amount of speed, which will give users plenty of reasons to stay away from other competitors. In terms of cameras, the built-in lens of the smartphone can take high quality pictures, even if they are not as good as those from other devices.

The screen size of the smartphone is only six inches, which is quite small when compared to competitors. However, the phone has an impressively large display, which can provide hundreds of bright colors. The large screen will also allow the user to view images in their native languages. For those who are looking for a mobile that can play videos, the Vivo Y73 has a slot for standard DVD players.

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